Food Shot: Wing United, Denpasar Junction, Bali

Chicken wings done right! Crisp on the outside while still moist inside; Wing United offers pleasure in form of chicken wings. What's unique here is the choices of sauce available, e.g.: barbecue, teriyaki, atomic, lemon & garlic, which you can mix in one order, i.e.: two for each flavours.

Its taste is finger lickin' good, and they're affordable. They will also certainly keep both of your hands busy; hence even though free WiFi is available, you might want to hold off the drive to continually checks your Facebook account, to avoid smudging your device's screen, or risking the chance that you'll want to lick it as well after all of the juices are gone from the tray.

Wing United is located in Denpasar Junction in Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali.


Zilko said...

That surely looks very tempting and tasty! Damn, should have opened this blog few hours ago while I was still full after my brunch, hahaha :)