Dekuliner, Indonesian band specializing on food songs!

The beginning of the second quarter of Indonesian culinary world was marked with a rather surprising news from the music industry, as five of creative youngsters decided to form together a music band called "Dekuliner"; and it was not by incident, that the main theme of their songs is also about culinary and food!

Inspired by their common hobby and interest, Ferri (Vocal), and Apit (Guitar), invites 3 of their friends; Rangga (Guitar), Rizky (Bass) and Doni (Drum) to form "Dekuliner", and decided to have food as the underlying theme of their songs. Their main stream is Blues, with a bit of Rock and Country mixed in (Blues for something mellow like Es Cincau Hijau, and more rock for spicier food like Rendang Padang perhaps? ;-)

This could be the first ever band in Indonesia specializing into creating and singing songs about food, and I think they won't run out of things to write and sings about any time soon, as thanks God we have very long list of food and drinks on Indonesian food alone!

27 March 2011 was marked as the group's first step to take this matter seriously by doing recording at Studio Home Recording for the song title "Bubur Ayam" (Chicken Porridge), and continued with other songs "Sate Padang", "Es Pocong", "Pempek Palembang", and "Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang".

If you are curious about their songs, prepare your music player and you can taste the sample of their work for free here at this link; "Sate Padang" song by Dekuliner. You canalso  follow the latest news from the band by following their Tweets at @dekuliner.

Or if you are curious about Ferri, Apit, Rangga, Rizky and Doni, you can visit Dekuliner website right away for more information about this band. (byms)


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