What is Warung?

Warung is a term in Indonesian that refers to a commercial type of settlement used for either selling food, daily needs, or other items.

Warung is usually small, informal, casual, and sells limited amount of items. Warung it its original form occupies a permanent construction; though most likely it will be a part of another building, e.g. a house. Warung in a more casual references can also mean a stand alone outdoor semi permanent place.

Warung serving food often functions as a gathering and meeting place for the locals in the neighbourhood; this is how in the older days "Warung Kopi" has become the important part of a society in providing a melting pot and news exchanging (including gossips) station.

Before the coming of internet, warung kopi that opens up until the late hours often serves as the rich ground of creativity and innovation, as students, scholars, artists, and other free thinkers are known to hang out here and discuss about things happening around them, from gossips and hearsays, to a more intricate subjects like religion, philosophy, and politics.

Usage of warung term in modern and more established kind of businesses, are usually intended to create the impression of informality, down to earth, and cheap prices. (byms)

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