Ongo Ongo and Kue Dada

Just discovered on the show "Star Choice" on AFC channel at Yes TV, that there are some varieties of Indonesian cake sold there in our neighbouring country Singapore, just that the name had been modified a bit:

"Ongo-Ongo", is what we called "Ongol-Ongol", it is among one of my favourite "jajan pasar" or common traditional delicacies which are glutinous cake made from tapioca flour with palm sugar.

"Kue Dada", is what we called "Dadar Gulung"; a traditional pancake filled with shredded coconut in palm sugar syrup, everyone's favourite I guess.

This has got me thinking anyway, about a fellow epicurean's quest to catalogue the jajan pasar available in Jakarta traditional markets years ago... I wonder how that went off.

I'm thinking myself to put similar efforts for jajan pasar available in Bali, well not on a big scale just perhaps ones that available from the seller in front of the pasar near where I live at the moment. (byms)


Indonesia Eats said...

I like using the word coconut sugar than palm sugar since palm sugar has darker colour and translated as gula aren meanwhile coconut sugar what we know for gula Merah, gula Jawa or gula Bali. I know many books and people get them confused but honestly when you taste them you will find the different.

bayuamus said...

Yes those two are different. Just my personal taste note: the coconut sugar tend to have a distinct sour taste character, while the palm sugar instead have this light nutty chocolate-ish taste and melt in your mouth consistency.

Back in Sunda region palm sugar is considered to be of a higher class than the coconut sugar (also more expensive) hence makes it the main preference for delicacies and drinks like Bajigur and Bandrek.

In some regions you could also have the smoked palm sap water (called Lahang in Sundanese) - usually sold in bamboo stalk as the container; wonderful drink.