Food Note: Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam is Indonesian take on Chicken Noodle, there are generally two versions available: Chinese, and localized.

Localized version as pictured above, usually consist of minced chicken meat in heavy brown stock, in contrast to the Chinese version that offers steamed chicken cuts. With the Bangka version, the chicken is first grounded with seasoning before cooked, creating the appearance of tiny coarse meatballs. From street hawkers it is a convention to serve Mie Ayam with the bright orangish sauce that's both notorious and loved. More decent eateries often offers more civilized (and health safe assured), kind of sauces, which more than often serves as the eateries' unique point of selling.

Mie Ayam usually serves with bakso (meatballs), and pangsit goreng (fried wonton). More fancier version includes also pangsit rebus (wonton soup), tahu (soybean cake), and common in Eastern Java: hard boiled egg.

Expect to pay around 6K from the street peddlers, 10K from more established places, and up to 15 or 20K for the restaurant version Chinese style mie ayam. (bay)