Food Note: Es Goyobod

Es Goyobod is the Sundanese version of Es Campur; mixed jelly and mashed avocado drink in heavy coconut milk and jackfruit infused brown sugar syrup. The unique ingredients of this drink is the Goyobod itself, which made from tapioca flour to produce its jelly like texture.

Es Goyobod commonly found around city of Garut, Jawa Barat, and seldom found elsewhere. In Garut, the considered most famous Es Goyobod is the Es Goyobod Alun-Alun sold at the central city park. Though by the writer's opinion, Es Goyobod at Rumah Sakit Garut (Garut Hospital) is better. When anywhere else it is sold in mashed form, here they present it in its individual ingredients hence the drinking experience is far from monochromatic.

[Alun-alun is an open field in the heart of the city, often surrounded by governmental buildings, worshipping facility, and the Mayor's residence. It was originated back to the early Indonesian Kingdoms where the King helds ceremonies and public events here]

Price is about 3K, seating are mostly outdoor and by the road.