Citrus Cafe: Refreshing Comfort

Cuisine: International
Location:Ruko Dharmawangsa Square and TIS Square, Tebet
Cafes are synonymous with light meals to accompany your chat. Mostly, light meals with heavy costs, for you are mostly paying for the atmosphere, and that cup of latte of course.

However, Citrus Café rings a different bell. Inspired by the freshness of the tangy fruit, and the fact that most of its dishes uses citrus-related flavorings for zest’s sake, the café stands proud with its serious meals, fun atmosphere and friendly service.

Interior-wise, the name does not necessarily mean that you will be thrown in an orange-yellow affair, though the décor of Citrus Café certainly gives a fresh vibe with its modern contemporary airs. However, its hues verge on the earthy side. White, brown and the occasional grey compliment the minimalist chairs and comfy sofas. A semi-outdoor patio with glass walls creates the illusion of outdoor dining without the noise or pollution.

Popular International and Indonesian dishes comprise the Citrus Café’s menu. Familiar dishes ensure its likeability among most people, and while its Spaghetti Carbonara may not be through-and through Italian-style authentic, it still is tasty and definitely acceptable. There’s something for everyone to nibble on, from traditional Indonesian Oxtail Soup to the unique Salmon Steak Spaghetti.

This is also a perfect place to talk about budget. It’s not often that you run to a café that offers filling meals with sensible pricing, and in Citrus Café, you can feast on a delicious Sirloin Steak complete with trimmings such as potatoes and fried eggs and it won’t even cost you Rp. 100.000,-. Talk about great value!

Citrus Café is simply begging for you to come and have a chat with old-time friends and while you’re at it, choose a few of the starters. The first pick is always the hardest, but you can always pick the starters sampler, containing a bit of everything, including calamari rings, spicy Thai Wings and Crispy Seafood in cute little ‘parcels’. Another great pick is the fried mushrooms-Fresh, medium sized champignons floured and fried, served with homemade tartar sauce.

What will be the main course? Well it really depends on your taste buds. Ordering the steak certainly won’t lead to disappointment, and if you’re looking to spice up the event then order the colorful Thai BBQ Chicken. The juicy chicken fillet barbequed to perfection gets a whole new spunk when combined with the spicy-sour Thai Sauce.

The Thai Sauce not adventurous enough to suit you? Then order one of the traditional Indonesian dishes. A wide range of options for fried rice, including the Nasi Goreng Kampung – A spicier and more authentic version of the all-time favorite item, complete with traditional fried chicken. There’s also a wide range of Oxtail Soup, from the regular, fried and the hot Sop Buntut Balado.

There’s always room for dessert, and a few scrumptious options too. Take the super-rich Chocolate Truffle cake for instance. It’s simply oozing with chocolate flavour, and the ecstasy would be complete if you’d order the a la mode version, complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Don’t miss out on the fresh and flavorful drinks such as the Blueberry Smoothie and Strawberry Float, and if you’re in need of perking up then loads of wake-up drinks are at your command. Take the Caffe Amore and Kahlua Cappucino for instance.

With a vibe that combines hip and cozy, sensible pricing, and satisfying portions, Citrus Café is definitely one fresh option. (SG/DI)

Citrus Cafe
Ruko Dharmawangsa Square
Jl. Dharmawangsa 6 No. 40
Tel: (62-21) 726 0312, 726 0320
Cuisine: Indonesian, International

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Citrus Cafe TIS Square, Tebet