3257 Traditional Indonesian Dishes Discovered

On her latest research on Indonesian Gastronomy, Prof. Dr. Ir. Murdijati Gardjito managed to discover 3,257 traditional dishes!

She also identified 34 culinary regions in Indonesia, which are based on ethnic similarities instead of provinces.

The 3.257 discovered dishes are consisting of 208 main dishes; 1,805 side dishes; 1,013 desserts; and 147 drinks.

As with Indonesia's 34 culinary regions, Sumatera has 9, Java has 11, Sulawesi has 6, Kalimantan has 3, and the rest are Bali, NTB, NTT, Papua, and Maluku.

The result is a whopping update to previous Indonesian Culinary Bible "Mustika Rasa" which managed to document 1,600 dishes back in 1967 after a 7 years research.

Initially, there's Groot Nieuw Volledig Oost-Indisch Kookboek by JMJ Catenius van der Meyden, which was published in 1902. It documented 1,300 dishes of Dutch-Indies targeted for Dutch women.

As presented at Dialog Gastronomi Nasional 2017 in Jakarta.