Lunch at Restaurant 1953 Indonesien Jakarta

Restaurant 1953 Indonesien enchanted me from the very beginning. I found the concept of serving classic Indonesian food in a house built during the Dutch Colonial era exciting.

The well-furnished interior and cozy atmosphere remind me of chic semi fine dining restaurants in Bali like Sarong.

During our visit at lunch hour, the place was not crowded. Besides our group of 8, there's also a group of young ladies in what seems like a class reunion setting, judging from all the laughs and similar ages.

Upon our first interaction with the waiter, I was quite impressed by the gesture and professional but relaxed manner. Fits nicely with the chic elegant setting.

Upon selecting our food we have several recommendations from our waiter and decided to order them all.

How was the food? Here we go:

The restaurant's highly recommended menu was Tongseng Iga Kambing (199K) that served with medium hot spicy broth, and three full sized lamb chops! While the broth was fine as it resembles a slightly toned down street food version, I found the meat felt significantly fatty hence it tasted quite strong. The cooking level of all three lamb chops was also not equal, as one was still rare compared with the somewhat medium well two others. Not something I'd recommend for the lamb-shy foodie.

The Mixed Satay Plate was gorgeously presented and the satay variants tasted pleasing. I did find the Sate Lilit Bali a bit weak, strong on the herbs but lacking the significant taste of the fish.

On the other hand, the Wagyu Rica Rica was good. The meat melted in my mouth oozing that buttery meat juice, and it pairs beautifully with the rica rica sambal provided. I'd highly recommend this menu, though it's not something traditionally Indonesian.

If you enjoy eating with rice, there's different kind of rice to choose, and one of them in Nasi Kencur, steamed rice seasoned with campfera galangal, aromatic herb with mellow ginger flavor and significant umami flavor.

In the drink department, I found Bir Pletok is on the menu, among other traditional, and popular contemporary choices. While the Bir Pletok tasted authentic, I did find the sweetness level overwhelming, hence I ordered my second drink a fresh juice without sugar.

On the overall, the service was prompt and friendly, and the elegant laid back ambiance fits nicely small gathering, semi romantic dinner, or arisan.

Restaurant 1953 Indonesien
📌 Jl Panglima Polim 3 No 93
🌐 Jakarta Selatan 12160
☎ 081387773177

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