Amazing High Cliff Tea at Karma Kandara Resort Bali

Karma Kandara! We were thrilled when finally got the time to visit this beautiful resort in full team, after some schedule misalignments. Located about an hour away from the Airport, Karma Kandara is reached by heading south past the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) complex, then keep heading south off the main street following the sign board posted at the intersections. Keep in mind that you're heading to the Southernmost beach of Bali, so don't get distracted by the main traffic that most likely are heading towards Uluwatu or elsewhere in Southwest Bali.

Known as one of the most beautiful resorts in Bali, Karma Kandara Resort houses 70 private villas, which half of them are privately owned, and half are for rent. Our destination on this trip is Di Mare restaurant, one of three eateries existed within the Karma Kandara complex.

Reaching Di Mare Restaurant in Karma Kandara

There's a parking space within a short distance to Di Mare restaurant, so make sure to follow the sign board that says "Di Mare" instead of "Karma Kandara Resort" at the final intersection. From this parking space, Di Mare is reached through a corridor with limestone walls, that emits the rustic feeling.

Literally mean "The Ocean" in Italian, Di Mare is set on top of a steep cliff overlooking the infinity pool lies below, and the vast blue ocean that marked the southernmost part of Bali island. With its breath taking view, Di Mare restaurant is such an extraordinary venue to spend your afternoon at.

Di Mare's High Cliff Tea 

Di Mare some while ago launched a High Cliff Tea promotion, available from 3 pm to 5 pm where guests are treated to selections of sweet and savory snacks, along with a choice of tea or coffee.

The snacks are presented in three tiered tray, offering savoury treats of three different sandwiches, each filled with either cured salmon, tuna, or chicken. There are also some Sushi rolls, and Thai springrolls to pleases your palate.

On the sweet treats selection, there's muffin, cookies, delicious cheesecake with coconut crumbles, and what turned out to be the very succulent, creamy, dark chocolate brownies, best we've had in a long while.

While the food in general was good and fulfilling, we can't help but feeling they're quite minor compared with the amazing view that lies before us.

Since people says that a picture speaks a thousand words, then I'll let these beautiful pictures speak for themselves.

Temple Bar and Lounge

Sits right above Di Mare restaurant, is another Karma Kandara premise that provides the even better spots to witness the majestic sunset here in Karma Kandara.

Karma Beach Club

Steps away from Di Mare to the south, lies the entrance to the electric tram that take guests down through the almost vertical cliff of Karma Kandara, to where the Karma Beach Club are (previously called Nammos).

Our tram operator informed that there's a 200K IDR voucher purchase necessary for each person using the tram to Karma Beach Club down below, however the ride itself is free as the vouchers are used to pay for the meals and drinks guests ordered in Karma Beach Club.

Alternatively if you just want to enjoy the beach, there's a stairwell leading down from another part of Karma Kandara, however she warned that it has about 300 steps so make sure you have the necessary stamina.

It was already dark when we went down, so we didn't get to experience the crystal clear waters that Karma Beach Club visitors talk about, but it is for sure that we already had a blast of amusement during our short visit to Karma Kandara that afternoon.

Many thanks for Karma Kandara and Middleton Manning for introducing Karma's High Cliff Tea, the amazing Di Mare, Temple Lounge and Bar, and Karma Beach Club to Epicurina readers. (byms)

Note: All photos are taken using Samsung Galaxy Grand and underwent necessary editing. 

Karma Kandara Resort

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