Five reasons why Holycow is a new hit in Bali

Steak are no stranger in Bali's food scene. However when you passed by Dewi Sri street after dark, you'll be certain to see queue of people waiting to get a table at Holycow, the fast riser steak house from Jakarta who recently opened their newest branch here in Bali, their 8th nation wide to be exact. 

Queue outside Holycow Camp Bali at Dewi Sri Street, Kuta, Bali

While we know there are many steak houses in Bali, offering steaks of different style and price range, but it seems like Holycow is quickly emerged as a favourite among those already settled and established steak houses in Bali. How could this happen?

Here's what Epicurina thinks:

1. Holycow put robust flavours right on the meat, instead of only in the sauce. While it might seem like a heresy for the steak purist, who believes in putting minimal treatment to the meat, having been grown up on spices heavy and flavoursome Indonesian cookings, my taste buds quickly succumbed, and found themselves at home with the flavours Holycow steaks offered, and I'm sure many others feel the same.

Sirloin Combo (149K for two steaks)

2. Holycow offers plenty of quality meat cuts to choose, at decent pricing. While it's not as extensive option as Arena in Sanur, who serves like 40 different type of US and Australian beef, among others. It's plenty enough for people with different liking and budget. Also while their Wagyu is not as lavish or buttery as Australian Grade 8+ Blackmore Wagyu, or as robust and juicy as Stockyard's Silver Sirloin, Holycow's Wagyu is clearly notches above average. Price wise, while they're not cheap but it's only about 20K IDR difference from having a plate of dry steak cooked over the meat counter in a local supermarket. 

Holycow Camp Bali menu
3. Holycow offers plenty sauce options, five to be exact: Homemade mushroom sauce, W sauce, Buddy's special sauce, Blackpepper, and Barbeque. While that number is not amazing, that's already tops over most of Bali steak houses who tends to become very conservative with BBQ and mushroom sauce as the most common option. Among the choices, Holycow even invented their own flavour, "W Sauce" which are made from very local ingredients thus creating a unique flavour rarely found elsewhere in Bali Steak houses.

Wagyu Bolar Blade (87K), one of the minor cut offered at Holycow Camp Bali

4. Holycow is famous. They attracts not only customers, but loyal followers, just like Jakarta's Abuba Steak phenomenon in the 90's. This is why most of the marketing are also done virally by satisfied customers, one to the next, the strongest form of marketing there is. And that's seems to be the reason why when Holycow first opened their doors in Bali, they already have eager customers lined up, warmed up by the good reputation already circling around, looking forward to try the Holycow experience.

Wagyu Rib Eye (135K)

5. Holycow don't sell pork, where most of the serious steak houses in Bali do. This quickly drawn the captive market of local muslim population in Denpasar area, who previously think twice or thrice before attending the usual steaks and pork ribs joint, thus have to resort to the usual Steak Kakilima or Waroeng Steak and Shake. Also different with seasonal tourists, they're here to stay. (byms)

Holycow Camp Bali

Jl. Dewi Sri
Gedung BTC no.7
Across Fontana Hotel
Kuta - Bali