No more Sushi-shy

Something different happened late last month with my beloved Picky Eater:

"Aa, koq aku pengen Sushi ya?" ("Dear, why do I want a Sushi?")

And I was like stunned on my seat surprised... after more than 6 years of patiently introducing her into this kind of food, it finally worked: she has an urge she never felt before, a Sushi crave! And already she announced that her favourite Maki (Sushi rolls) is the Salmon with Avocado, while her Sashimi favourite is Butterfish. As with the Butterfish itself, I think it's not the infamous Escolar but a White Marlin (Shirokajiki).

No more sushi-shy means now we can both enjoy a good sushi dinner without me feeling of having to drag her into a sushi parlour against her will.

Speaking about fear of food, do you happen to have food you used to hate, but come to like after some while? For me it's quite a lot. When I was way younger, I didn't even want to eat a chicken if it's not a white meat, and I have a high dislike for Carp, even though it's the major kind of fish people eat in Jawa Barat where I came from. As with beef, it has to be tenderloin and nothing else! Sambal? Spicy? A big no no...

Back to the sushi-shy; now comes the part which I have to bear the disadvantage of my achievement, just like when I successfully converted my family back in the 80s to like Pizza... Now I have to share... (byms).

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Avigayil DaGea said...

OMG that fish... *ouch*