Sate Madura delicious Indonesian dinner

I took this picture upon encountering it nearby where I lives. It's a roadside seller on mobile cart we called gerobak, the most common ways how Sate Madura (Maduranese Satay) are sold in Indonesia.

Curious with the speed of their service, and the many customers awaiting their turns, I asked them how many sate are sold on each nights? And they tried to be modest by saying that sales are going up and down throughout the whole week. However on regular they sells about 1,200 skewers of chicken satay, and that doesn't count the sales of goat satay, or the goat gulai. That's about 120 portion of satay with 10 skewers each sold on most nights, quite impressive considering this is not even a main road in Denpasar.

For you who's not quite familiar with Indonesian food, or south eastern Asia food in general, gulai or gule (pronounced goo lay) is a kind of brownish thin curry soup with taste leaned towards sweet and creamy. Roadside Sate Madura sellers usually couples satay with gulai on their menu.

The satay itself by the way is good, while chicken slices tend to be tiny but its marinating sauce penetrates deep, making it a delicious nocturnal treat, or even a dinner.

Sate Madura perhaps is the most commonly sold satay version in Indonesia. Its savory sweet taste are coming from the combination of peanut and spices mixed in the sauce, and Indonesian sweet soy sauce which are both used to marinates and serves the satay. Sate Madura is best paired with lontong, the cylindrical compressed rice cake, though it fits well with rice as well.

As with its commonness, Sate Madura sits at the top list of most common dish you will encounter in Indonesia, along with Nasi Padang.

By convention, Sate Madura is always sold on afternoon up until the wee hours, with the exception of those that sells from a permanent shop which might opens from lunch. It is never however, sold as a breakfast.

Coming from a strong Islamic cultural background of Madura people, the original Sate Madura uses chicken or goat's meat, sometimes beef, but never pork. (byms)

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