What is Mie Kocok Bandung?

Mie Kocok is a dish popular in Bandung, Jawa Barat, that has big similarity with Vietnamese Pho in term of style and taste. Consisting of yellow egg noodle, bean sprouts, kikil, and dressed with finely chopped celery and fried sliced shallots; it's a clear noodle soup which tend to have simplistic taste spectrum. What makes it different with other kind of noodles soup is the use of beef broth instead of chicken, and inclusion of kikil (chewy gelatinous part of cow's feet) as the topping.

"Mie Kocok" literally mean "shaken noodle", the term comes from the movement the cook made by shaking the perforated ladle filled with noodles and bean sprouts into the hot water to blanch it; as the noodle is already half-cooked when stored.

One place I know sells Mie Kocok and has been around for very long while is one at Jalan Sunda, Bandung. It's at the right side of the street by the small bridge, near by the intersection with Jalan Veteran -- it's a one way street so don't worry about whether it's mine or your's right; there's only one right side in this case ;-)

A quite famous vendor that sells Mie Kocok Bandung nowadays, is "Mie Kocok Mang Dedeng" at Jalan Ahmad Dahlan, near the Lingkar Selatan ring road, southern Bandung. Find more about Bandung's interesting culinary destination at Bandung's Legendary Eateries list on Foursquare. (bay)

p.s.: you can view more (and better) photos of Mie Kocok Bandung including its preparation at Selby's blog here.

Image pictured here is from Infobandung.