What is Kupat Tahu Bandung?

Kupat Tahu is a dish well known throughout Java. It's a dish made with Kupat (shorter name of "Ketupat"), and Tahu; the Indonesian soy bean curd*. Beside of those two, bean sprouts seems to be the other mandatory ingredients.

After cut down to bite sizes, the mix then are poured with peanut sauce; similar ones that used over in Baso Tahu, Siomay, Gado-Gado, Lotek, Pecel, Karedok, Ketoprak, and Otak-Otak, only differs slightly in taste composition. Peanut sauce used for Kupat Tahu are usually thick, fine grained, and lean toward sweeter flavour than the one used for Pecel or Lotek.

Version are differs from one place to another though they all consisted of those basic ingredients. Please refer to this food note on Kupat Tahu for detailed description.

Kupat Tahu Bandung usually resembles style originated from the South East Parahyangan region, like Garut, and Tasikmalaya with small (if any) modifications. Hence, it doesn't include anything fancy outside of the main ingredients, just like their precursor style isn't. The good quality of tahu (which Bandung are famous for), the rich creaminess of the peanut sauce, and the type sweet soy ketchup used, is the key to a good Kupat Tahu Bandung.

There are several popular places that sells Kupat Tahu Bandung in Bandung, but the most notably I think, is Kupat Tahu Gempol, which sold at a very modest shack in Pasar Gempol; 5 minutes driving from the Dago - Diponegoro intersection where the Pasupati fly over is.

The other popular selection I know is Kupat Tahu Cihapit which sold at the intersection of Cihapit area, across of Bank NISP office, in between the 2nd hand car audio sellers.

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*I differentiates Tahu with Tofu -- which is more Japanese in nature, for they are two different products on Indonesian market, and have striking difference; tahu is more curd like, while tofu is more smooth pudding like. You don't want to mixed them up upon shopping for the ingredients.