Bali Good Food List on Foursquare by Epicurina

If you are crazy about top lists, like I do -- either in following or criticizing them -- here's some few Epicurina collected based on our own experience of 2 years eating in and out in Bali:
  1. Delicious Nasi Ayam Bali around Denpasar (8 places)
  2. Delicious Sate Lilit & Sate Tusuk Ikan in Bali (3 places)
  3. Best Affordable Local Eateries in Denpasar, Bali  (8 places)
  4. Best Affordable Foreign Eateries in Denpasar, Bali (7 places)
  5. Traditional Seafood & Fish dishes in Bali (13 places) 
Just let us know should you think we're missing your favorites.

Furthermore you can visit Epicurina page on Foursquare for our latest review on eateries in Bali, foursquare style, by clicking on the banner below:

Cheers! (byms)