Revisiting Nasi Ayam Warung Krishna in Sanur, Bali

I just had a lunch at Warung Krishna, in Jalan Kutat Lestari, Sanur. Last time I remembered that their Nasi Ayam was quite hot; however now I felt they're just mildly spicy, without even creating the sweaty scalp I usually have upon encountering hot foods.

Have I got my resistance to chilli lowered, due to uncountable encounters with the traditional Balinese food here in Bali? Or have I become a sambal lover like most of Indonesians did?

However, according to Ms. Diah who owns and operates this eateries, the mild spicy taste of their food actually is well met the likes of both foreign tourists and locals, while domestic tourists especially from Java tends to think that their food is too "jamuistic" or jamu alike.

There are three kind o meals served here; Nasi ayam, Tipat ayam, and Bubur ayam; the last one however only serves during mornings for breakfast, while the two others are served throughout the day.

Among all the Nasi Ayam I've tried in Bali, this one has a specific aroma which sets the taste unique, I don't know what but it fits well to the term "jamuistic".

Warung Krishna is also the good example of how a business lasts through only word of mouth promotion alone; nine years in business, no single advertisement ever made on paper or magazine, yet customers are flourished in daily, and they are booked occasionally for large party gathering, or sponsored events. (byms)