Iga Bakar BaNa (Belum ada Nama)

My wife Nade and I visited them by chance, it was in the night after we visited nearby shopping centre. Since she was expecting satay for dinner, so on the way home we're looking around curiously for the signature smoke. Not long while, suddenly we spot a place right beside the traffic light that sells Iga Bakar (Ribs BBQ) and my fave staple food the Nasi Gudeg. To Nade, ribs is a welcomed alternative to satay, and there was also a Serabi Bandung stall which she got interested in so we decided to stop by.

Nade settled herself and Zayan in the outdoor table, while I ordered my Nasi Gudeg Complete which already includes gudeg, krecek (gelatinous cow's skin), and a chuck of opor ayam (chicken in white curry). Upon inspecting the Iga Bakar menus, first I was quite turned down by the price; 35K for a BBQed ribs. Not very expensive but with that price they better be as good as Maranu's in Bandung at least.

Will this be an equal? Though was a bit hesitant I was impressed by the good looking grill they're using, and assuming the cost is at least around 3 - 5 million rupiah at Ace Hardware. So if they're serious about the tools then they're serious in the business, why don't I give it a try?

The Iga Bakar came a bit while after my Nasi Gudeg was served, and it almost popped my eyes out! Man, that thing is sure HUGE! I haven't tried Tony Roma's or Sizzler's so could not make an international comparison, but compared to Daeng Tata's in Tebet Jakarta, or Maranu in Kelapa Gading Jakarta, this Iga Bakar easily outrun them! Almost double the size, with lesser annoying fats blanket that's becoming common in Daeng Tata's. It was a thick steak. It looks really tempting. It was beautiful.

Fist cut was appointed to me, and so I eagerly awaits the sensation awaits... And lo and behold, not only looking good, it tasted great also! With taste resembles Q Smokehouse' beef brisket -- half the price -- this is practically one of the best ribs we ever had.

Well there are some concerns though, like the beef is still a bit hard, the seasoning did not penetrates well all the way deep inside, and before we even finish working through the gigantic size, the wax film begun to form, and Nade thinks the default carbo should be french fries instead of steamed rice. But the texture is great, the meaty character is strong in a good way (even Nade likes it), the hardness I think is still acceptable, portion is great, the BBQ sauce they uses is also good, cooking is good, good PTQ (price to quality) ratio, so on overall the pros heavily outcome the cons.

Iga Bakar BaNa (Belum ada Nama)
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.3

Recommended? Heavily! (bay)