Indonesia Eating Places - Bali Food Map

[Updated Screenshot - July 2010]
Click on the picture to visit the Peta Makan Bali on Google Map
There are lots of good and interesting food here in Bali, but most tourist knows only those that has been exposed in the high profile media, or by their own fellow tourists. It's true that Bali has the breath-taking eateries up in the hills, right by the beach, or in the middle of the rice fields. But there are also local geniuses who are able to create enchanting food, but less known to the tourist albeit has been around for a while.

As my visit to Bali this time is not for holiday, but rather a 365 days of vacation, so I got a chance to explore more of Bali's culinary beauties, from the eye and mouth of a local epicurean. But alas, since my comprehension of Bali's city streets is second to none, hence why being lost is rarely extraordinary. Even though equipped by the up to date addresses, looking for location in a foreign city requires more solid reference. And I see the answer in Google Maps! Equipped with down to the most detailed aerial shoot of most areas in Bali, and reliable accuracy, I think it's a good way to plan my trip to the target place, or to mark those places I have visited.

At the moment this entry is written (Dec 09), the list is not much but it will definitely grow over time, and you are welcome to share your spots too! The map contains short description, budget, addresses, and photos where available, also links to outside resources usually related to reviews. The icon on the map, majorly represents status of the place (normal, on visit agenda, and contradictory).

I have also included some spots from Jakarta and Bandung, but the main focus at this moment is Bali.

The map is available here:

Feel free to comments, link, share the map, or join in as contributors (bay)