Nutrilicious stay at The Leaf Jimbaran Bali

While Bali is better known for its lush green scenery and its beaches, for this staycation we choose to try something new: The Leaf Jimbaran, which is a villa compound with wellness and health conscious food and activities.

Away from the beaches, and the bustling tourist areas we usually look for, The Leaf Jimbaran sits in the hills of Jimbaran area, accessible through the same road that leads to Ayana and its marvelous Rock Bar. While the premise can be reached through its alternative route which exists nearby Garuda Wisnu Kencana, it's advisable to use the main entry instead.

The lush green surrounding of The Leaf Jimbaran

Upon our arrival we're greeted by the friendly staff and a glass of refreshing welcome drink that actually taste good! It's rustic, aromatic, minty, with a dash of sweetness. Little we know that the drink also poses as Amuse Bouche for the staying experience we're about to have: soothing and satisfying.

Entering the residential area, we're greeted with the lush green scenery with tall leafy plants dominating the scene.

Our stay at the villa

For the staycation we're occupying The Leaf's Spearmint single room villa, complete with private swimming pool and pantry.

Entering our room, we were greeted by the lush scent of aromatic spearmint oil filling out the atmosphere, and we become more excited with the clearer view of the whole room. The main building is basically made up of two adjoining room: the living room with sofa, and the bedroom. Both are designed with homey yet luscious color scheme of dark brown hard wood flooring, combined with the turquoise blue drapes lining all of the full-height glass windows.

Our kid cheers happily upon encountering there's a TV in the bathroom, right in front of the ergonomic bath tub. Previously he was also amazed by the rotatable TV in the main room which mean he can watch his favorite programs from the bed, or from the living room. Clever design.

Me and wife on the other hand, were excited upon encountering toiletries from L'occitane, and really looking forward to take a shower after our travel.

While the the bathroom is connected to the swimming pool outside, there are retractable full-height vertical blind to cover your steamy bath tub sessions. Oy!

By steamy we mean a hot water bath, of course.

Private Swimming Pool

With the surrounding lush environment the villa has, it also mean less direct sun due to the shading from tall trees, no need for extra SPF skin protection a public pool usually requires.

For females who want to enjoy their time swimming without the watching eyes of a stranger, a private swimming pool is a highly welcomed option. For the rest of us, it means no rushing down early to secure shaded pool bench, no scheduling between who got to accompany the kid in the pool and who watches our belongings, not to mention the easy access to food and beverages from the adjoining pantry. So pampered!

Paleo Dinner at Sattvic Restaurant

Located within the complex right above the lobby, there's Sattvic Restaurant that serves food from the Paleo dietary system.

Now here's the thing. Being occasionally exposed to healthy dietary food spreading all across Bali, we can safely assume the food will be decent but not flavorsome, as nutrition is the main concern.

However we later found out that dragging our feet leaving the comfy of our villa compound was well worth it, as the food in Sattvic, is something we foodies would respectfully label as "real food".

Asian Seafood Salad with Wasabi ~ 328 Cal (58K IDR) is consisting of fresh squid, scallop, shrimp, and clam, bathed in the savory sour dressing with the good dose of wasabi. One uplifting opening to our dinner.

Thai Beef Salad ~ 298 Cal (53K) combines the savory grilled beef with raw crunchy vegetables and spicy sour dipping sauce.

The Parsnip Soup was quite flavorful with thick creamy body and traces of spices.

Miso Salmon ~ 588 Cal (125K) comprised of pan fried salmon dressed with the savory salty miso paste, together creating a flavor combo rarely encountered on salmon based dishes. The miso pretty much eliminates the stinging umami taste usually accompanying cooked salmon, making the whole eating experience more enjoyable. If you ever get tired of Salmon Teriyaki or steak, this is a well recommended alternative.

Beef Rendang ~ 796 Cal (220K) made of wagyu steak marinated in rendang seasoning, paired with grilled pumpkin, cassava leaves, and green chili paste. Good meat quality, notable rendang flavor, a quite successful reinterpretation of Sumatera Barat's cuisine gem. We just wish the rendang paste exhibit more caramelization taste to make the dish taste more authentic.

Mini Lemon Meringue ~ 327 Cal (77K) is a lemon pie with vegetarian meringue, avocado green tea mouse, tropical fruit slices, and honey berry sauce. A lavish ending to our dinner at Sattvic.

Referring to The Leaf's own website, Paleo diet is all about eating fresh food, more meat, more vegetables and less carbohydrates and fats - and no processed food. It's about returning to a healthier way of life - cutting out all the heavily processed, high fat, fast food that's an invention of recent times and getting back to the fruit, veggies, meat, seafood and nuts that our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors thrived on.

The concept and philosophy of The Leaf Jimbaran dining menu itself is a brainchild of UK's Celebrity Chef Daniel Green, a champion of healthy cuisine and practitioner of the Paleo diet even before the name and concept, Paleo became popular.

Thank you Sattvic, now we know that dietary food can also be fun!

Breakfast at The Leaf Jimbaran

During each of our staycations, we have to admit that breakfast is one of the moments we really look forward too, and here's how The Leaf offers another exciting options to our breakfast: in-villa breakfast.

While in-rooom hotel breakfast usually means you're limited to very few choices of uninspiring menu like Nasi Goreng or Eggs on Toast, here in The Leaf Jimbaran it's something worth to choose.

Here's a quick glimpse:

First, you can enjoy the breakfast in the comfort of your own bedroom. No need to dress up and get everyone ready to catch up with the breakfast schedule, queueing to get your eggs done, and no need to get all sweaty and wishing that you came earlier to get that table at the cooler part of the restaurant. Also without the urge to eat everything served (foodie habit), you end up with less food consumed, and a better feeling throughout the day!

As wit the breakfast items itself, outside of the ordinaries you will encounter interesting stuffs like roasted lamb, thanks to the Paleo diet it follows.

For you who prefers the company of others, the merriment of people chatting and walking around you, the sound of fork and knives clinging, and watching all the actions at the live cooking station, The Leaf also offers a buffet breakfast option on some weekdays.

As with dinner at Sattvic, the breakfast was as delicious. While it doesn't spot as much options as common five star hotels, the selections has ample variations, and I can't help myself but to take numerous trip to their juice table and emptied glasses of The Leaf's signature juice.

Other Facilities

Outside of the comfort of your room, The Leaf also offers some facilities to make your stay more enjoyable, like the Thyme Spa, the main Swimming Pool and Fitness facility. Guests can also get their heart pumping with water aerobics, a guided yoga session, or sit down with a health expert and discuss how you can improve your overall well-being.

Epicurina Conclusion

We're quite thrilled with the room and the staff's friendliness. Love the soothing color scheme, the luxurious design, and the in-villa amenities. Moreover, we also get enlightened that diet doesn't always mean punishment. Simply put The Leaf Jimbaran offers some of the most delicious health-conscious food we ever have!

Thank you The Leaf Jimbaran for having us! (byms)


The Leaf Jimbaran
Jl. Jepun Karang - Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran 80361
Bali, Indonesia


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