Preview: Makansutra Guide Indonesia 2013

Since the project leader, Arie Parikesit from Kelana Rasa Culinary (@kelanarasa) had already announced about the project completion, so let me give you a heads up about something we've been working hard for the past couple of months: Makansutra Guide Indonesia 2013!


What is Makansutra (@makansutra)? To put it simple, it's a longstanding brand (and initiative) that promotes "the real" good food in Singapore: its street food. Quoting from their website:
Makansutra is founded by the affable K.F Seetoh, whose mission is to celebrate the best of Asian Food Culture and Lifestyle. Since its inception in 1997, Makansutra has never solicited advertisements nor meals in return for reviews. We pay for all our reviewed meals and never announce our visits . We welcome all views and constructive criticisms. 

Makansutra Guides

True to its ideal in celebrating the best of Asian food culture & lifestyle, one of Makansutra product is the Makansutra Guides; a compilation of good eats complete with its rating. At the moment Makansutra Guide covers many Asian countries, including Indonesia.

However it's been a while since the last Makansutra Guides covers Indonesia; 9 years lapse and it was exclusive to Jakarta. This 2013 edition itself will bring a plethora of 500 eatery entries! 300 from Jakarta, 100 from Bandung, and 100 from Bali; all selected and assessed from the taste and tummy of seasoned Indonesian good food adventurers.

Thanks to Arie, Epicurina got the opportunity to participate in this exciting project, covering some of Bali's notable eateries; mostly street food, along with other Bali based culinary adventurer Debbie Leksono and Arie himself. At the moment it covers mostly Denpasar and its nearby districts including Ubud, Kuta, and Uluwatu.

Book Launching at World Street Food Festival 2013

The book itself is planned to be launched at the World Street Food Festival 2013 (@WSFCongress) in Singapore, and distributed through bookstores in Indonesia at the same time, or shortly after; we don't know yet, stay tuned!

Last, here's the list of researchers for Makansutra Guides Indonesia 2013 covering three cities:
* updated


Unknown said...

Hi Bay,

Nona Lapar is Marsella Purwanto, the owner of Ronde Gardujati Bandung

thanks :)

wish us luck ya, next week euyyy, laris laris laris (cetakan kedua hahaha)

Unknown said...

Hah? Dah cetakan kedua lagi? :o Hebat euy.

Titip satu dong rie yang signed sama KF Seetoh, sama perbijinya berapa duit ntar?