Akademi Berbagi #12 "Storytelling" at Kopi Kultur Bali

Among the places frequently showed up on my radar for the past couple of weeks, is this place called "Kopi Kultur." After some research into the place, more than just a coffee shop it seems to function as a creative hub as well. Each and every postings I read further strengthen this assumption too: Kopi Kultur is a place for creative discussions (and actions). 

One of the events Kopi Kultur held regularly is this "Akademi Berbagi" (Akber), which translated as "Sharing Academy," and the next one that will be held tomorrow is the 12th session, with the topic of "Storytelling." Since I've already put the title "UX Designer and Storyteller" on my other bizcard, which make it a must-attend event; the rare moment where two of my passions merged in: UX Design, and Good Food.

Anyone else is coming? I'll be there for sure. (byms)


prayogo.net said...

Great class to share knowledge with Akber Bali.