Bakpiaku, Pia Susu White Rabbit!

Remember White Rabbit Creamy Candy? The super creamy and milky candy with nougat-like texture and edible transparent wrapping? For your information, this Chinese delight was banned internationally on 2008 when tests in Singapore on September 2008 proven this product has melamine content, which followed by positive confirmation from similar tests in Hongkong, Australia and South Africa.

Though deemed not as fatal as the similar melamine contaminated infant milk formula case happened earlier, many countries including Indonesia prohibit the import and selling of White Rabbit cream candy afterward.

While the brand passes health inspection and was back on international market in April 2009, it's a rare treat to find in Indonesia nowadays.

White Rabbit Bakpia?

That question immediately jump into my mind upon tasting this neatly packaged bakpia "Bakpiaku", in a modern design style, immediately distancing it from the more traditional Yogyakarta's bakpia with their must-have-numbers attitude.

The pia itself tasted excellent: crusty layers on the outside, with thick crumbly sweet milky paste filling. At the first bite you can tell that it is a very good pia, but seconds later if you're familiar with the White Rabbit then you'll know what I mean.

Should you are interested, there are several ways you can contact them:

From their twitter account, Epicurina also discovers that Bakpiaku costs IDR 35K/box, delivery to Denpasar is 30K/4 boxes, while to Bandung is 28rb/4 boxes. 4 boxes is their minimum delivery quantity.

Should you are visiting Yogyakarta ("Jogja"), you can also visit Bakpiaku HQ at Jl. Gajah Mada

Simply saying, this one is among best tasted cookie I had in 2012 (byms).

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Indonesia Eats said...

Thou it's banned internationally. I still see this brand at some Asian stores here :)

Unknown said...

Hi Pepy, I believe a year after the incident they have passed the health inspection, however I don't think I can trust them anymore.

Anyway, recognizing the decrease of trust, they have also came up with a new brand "golden rabbit", which said to be an "improved" formula of White Rabbit.

Oven Putih said...

Looove White Rabbit candies. Postingan yg ini bahaya sekali karena memadukan pia dan permen kelinci itu adalah godaan ultima. Sigh...