Marketing Savvy Onde-Onde

Ever since Jl. Tukad Pakerisan was made one-way street for cars, the traffic jam is severely reduced.

However, around 5pm-7pm on working days, the heavy traffic resumes, hence I often prefers to take a detour into Jl. Tukad Batanghari for lighter traffic instead.

On one incidental occasion though, a thing happened which made me happily choose the traffic heavy Jl. Tukad Pakerisan.


Sold in a decent aluminium showcase in a house's front yard, tens of this medium sized brown balls covered in sesame seeds tempting my eyes.

As I think "why not?" and pulled over, I then purchased some of this goodies at only 1K a piece. Went back inside my car, I begun to take a piece and bite right through it.

The result?

Never have I found onde-onde this good! Crisp on the outside, chewy dough underneath it, with crumbly creamy mashed green bean filling, and the nutty scent of roasted sesame seed lingering in between. And since I often get it hot, right out of the seller's frying wok, its delicious level doubled. While it's not the best ingredients I've ever tasted in an onde-onde, its freshness plays a great role.

Because my significant other the picky eater loves it too, therefore a visit once a week is a necessity.

What's too bad though, is that I often can't get off from the office early enough to catch the last balls of these goodies, or even if I could, sometimes the Javanese uncle who sells it feels like not opening his stall, or worse: the onde-onde are all there but...

"It's all for a special order, not for sale, sorry mas." said the man.

And seeing all those hot onde-onde resting on the frying mesh is a torture...

On some lucky days though, not only I'm able to bring home plenty of this delicious treats, but the uncle selling it often slip in an extra if you buy a lot, or when there's only one or two left on the display, and he's out of stock for the night. I know money-wise it costs only a parking ticket in Denpasar, but experience-wise those extras are worth way beyond its price: a happy customer.

While it's something that costs him perhaps only 500 rupiah for production cost, the extra has bought him a loyal, perhaps lifetime customer. And it's mind boggling how some businesses still focuses too much on one-time profit making, instead of nurturing a relationship which in turns creating brand loyalists. (byms)


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