Food Note: MR Crunchy modern Rengginang

Rengginang is an Indonesian treat made with rice crispies. The kind of rice used is the sticky rice, which adds a bit glutenous texture when the treat dissolved in your mouth. The traditional one are always savory, and it usually served on special occasions hence considered a special delicacy. It is also sold commercially though, but the most common source of Rengginang is raw, carried by your family from their small hometown.

Rengginang has been the favorite snack for eons, back in Jawa Barat where this treat is called Ranginang, it is made with marinating the rice in a purplish solution made with terasi. The end result after frying however is almost always yellowish lump of rice crispies stuck together.

Even though Rengginang as snack has been known for a very long time, it is a little bit late upon introduction to the modernization. 

One interesting innovation comes from MR Crunchy; where the name itself means "Mini Rengginang Crunchy". They made the Rengginang in smaller size, then adds modern type of seasoning like Rasa Sapi Panggang (Beef BBQ), and Rasa Keju (Cheese). Packed in a clear plastic, both version looks exactly the same except for the label attached to it.

The other version not pictured here, is Rasa Pedas (Spicy). It's the first one we ate, and the quickest one we finished. This is due because: it's delicious! There's no comparable similar snack on the modern market as far as I know, and we (Indonesian) just loves spicy food!

A recently introduced variation from MR Crunchy is the sweet one, where the plain rice crispies are bathed in different flavored chocolate coating and solid colors: yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple. Each flavor have quite strong scent, but doesn't taste that different one to another.

The packaging does a good job in keeping the moisture out; the number one enemy of rice crispies. Seasoned with both the Beef BBQ and Cheese, the Rengginang tasted very much like a modern day snacks which usually revolves around potato chips and corn flour balls. The texture of the Rengginang however, adds a familiar taste to Indonesian tongue, making it feels more familiar than those industrialized potato chips.

Though not the first one to innovate Rengginang, MR Crunchy gives another proof that traditional snacks can have new kind of taste, and still taste good. (byms)

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