United Nations World Food Programme - Bloggers meet up in Jakarta

As Indonesian food bloggers, I'm sure you all have a great passion in food, and have thought about food issues in this country as well, for example:

  • How come the most famous Indonesian food: Tempe & Tahu are not nationally sustainable, and relies mostly on soy beans imported from abroad?
  • Despite its food diversity richness, why does the government insisted on having all the Indonesian eating rice, only to (again) relies its sourcing from importing abroad?
  • Even though Indonesia is a maritime country, why fish is not a prime ingredients in Indonesian dietaries?
Well here's a good chance for you to express your concern, and get involved in a discussion about food issue in Indonesia:

Coming from IndoPacific Edelman, in cooperation with the World Food Programme Indonesia, there will be a bloggers meet-up this 11 September 2012 in Jakarta to talk about Food issue in Indonesia with a topic: "No Food = No (Fun x Future)".

Meetup will be held in:

WFP Indonesia Office
Wisma Keiai Indonesia (Kyoei Prince), Lantai 9
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.3
Jakarta 10220
18:30 - 20:00

WFP Speaker:
Peter Guest - WFP Indonesia
Deputy Country Director

Due to limited slot, bloggers who might be interested to come should give confirmation for attendance at the latest on Monday (10 September 2012) by 11:00am to email: agung.pamungkas@indopacedelman.com.

This might be your best chance to listen, speak up, and get in touch with those having similar concerns and curiosity with you. Register now! (byms)