William and William, Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 Gala Opening Dinner

Following Ismaya's Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012's announcement about The "William and William" Gala Opening Dinner, Raechel from Sarong supplied me with detailed information to this wonderful event:
"Chef Will Meyrick is heading to Jakarta next week to do the Gala Opening Night Dinner for the Jakarta Culinary Festival – it’s quite an interesting and very unique event, the meeting of two great chefs – William Wongso and Will Meyrick - who are all about championing Indonesian cuisine globally, and present it in a way it’s never been done before."
"They are both incredibly different in terms of their backgrounds, approaches, perspectives (and even their favourite Indonesian dishes and ideas about what the stand outs are!), but the one thing that brings the two of them together is their genuine love of Indonesian cuisine and their dedication to helping preserve the culinary heritage and traditions of the country’s unique food, an unsung hero of Asian cuisine."
Well I admires them both: William Wongso as the long time expert and avid promoter of Indonesian food, and I know Will shares the same passion of introducing Indonesian culinary scene to the world.

If you follow "Oom William" daily journey on Instagram (@williamwongso), you'll know that he's not a mere food promoter but also actively creating new and improved Indonesian dishes, like his Rendang Wagyu, which takes Rendang Padang to a new level; and many inventions coming from his private kitchen like this "Pepes Bandeng Presto dengan Kluwek & Daun Mengkudu" which according to Ade from 979 Food For Fun (@misshotrodqueen) is a "genius experiment".

After experiencing how Will's work on many exotic Asian dishes, his take on Indonesian dishes is surely one to be waiting for. Well there's already a talk about "Kitchen Sessions: Indonesia" upon the two previous Kitchen Sessions dining, and Will and Raechel did mention about their plan to participate in Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012, but this duet performance comes as a wonderful surprise.

If you're curious on how Indonesian cuisine should looks and tastes in their bold internationalization style, and how Indonesian food could take its deserved place in the international culinary scene, then this is the event for you.

Jakarta Culinary Festival
Grand Opening Night Dinner
William and William

Pop-up restaurant Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall – Level 5, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta 10310
Thursday 4 October 2012 starting 7 p.m.

There are only limited seats available for purchase by the general public, call 0812 800 80 700 to RSVP and secure your attendance. (byms)