Bobble water bottle from TEDxUbud

Among the tangible result of TEDxUbud 2012 attendance is... the gifts. Deep talk later, I just want to write about this wonderful looking bottle which was given free to each of TEDxUbud 2012 attendants: The Bobble water bottle.

While it looks a bit unusual due to the corn-like apparatus stuck onto the bottle's cap, the bottle is an ingenious invention for a healthier life, and a cleaner environment. The corn-like apparatus indeed is Bobble's important part; the water filter. It has an active carbon filter which binds contaminants like chlorine, and organic contaminants, resulting in a healthier water and fresher taste. Designed to be used with municipal tap water it does not kills harmful germs though, so it's not a heavy duty water purifier.

My colleague later inform me that it is a quite expensive bottle, as he once saw it sold in one of Bali's department store at around 200K IDR. It's not surprising though considering the more industrial brand like Lock & Lock has already sold within that price range as well, not to mention that Bobble has cooler design, added benefits, and its environmental friendly, as the bottle is made with good plastic; recycled PET that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC & is 100% recyclable. It's as safe as the best of baby's milk bottle only looks way cooler!

However as with most of Indonesian including Bali's tap water is not drinkable, I think it needs something stronger than Bobble to make them drinkable; you'll find it useful though upon encountering drinking waters that you have doubt on its quality, or has been stored a little too much under direct sun, or perhaps has been stored side by side with something it shouldn't.

For more information please visit their website at (byms)