Bir Pletok Non-Alcoholic Batavian Beer

Unlike it's name though, this ingenious beverage of Batavia region in western Java does not contain alcoholic content of any kind. It is in fact alcoholic free since virtually all of Batavia (Betawi) population are Moslem.

It is made from various spices including the rare seucang wood that lend its distinctive dark red colour. Tasted sweet and spicy, it's originally served cold by shaking it inside of a teapot with ice cubes hence the "pletok" term emerges, mimicking the sound of ice cubes slamming against the teapot's tin walls.

Used to be very rare, it is revived around the early years of the new millennia, along the raised interest in youngsters and baby-boomers in reviving its cultural heritage. Nowadays it is also sold in mass market as dehydrated powders. (byms)

Image from: bayuamus's Instagram