Invitation to BonChon Food Blogger Party

I would like to express my appreciation to Michelle and Rizal from Michelindo Food International, on their invitation for Epicurina to attend BonChon Chicken Blogger's Party last 11 February 2011.

However as I'm still resides in Bali therefore I can't make it to the event due to the distance. I hope you'll be opening a branch in Bali as well!

BonChon Chicken
Grand Indonesia, West Mall 5th Fl Unit 2 - 3
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta

Up to the moment of this post's writing, there's only one writing from fellow food blogger noted by the good Google:


Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind word and the post Bayu. We do sincerely hope once we open up in Bali we will meet up and have BonChon chicken together in Bali! ;)