Would you eat Poo?

"Would you eat poo?" Coming from your English-speaking friend this question would looks like an invitation to something that would get high rating on YouTube. However, if the question refers to a brand of an Indonesian delicacy, you might not feel the request so strange and might even excited by it.

Poo pictured above is a brand of getuk pisang, an Indonesian delicacy originated from the eastern Java region of Indonesia. It is a sweet and fragrant cake made from mashed banana in form of compacted cylinder. It looks purplish or brownish depending to the type of banana it used.

Getuk Pisang image from "Oleh-Oleh Kediri" in Tokopedia
Getuk Pisang image from Zudi Susanto
Though tasted delicious, "Poo" might not gain market success abroad, especially in English speaking countries for the connotation it has -- with India as exception, as Poo is also the name of a small town in Himachal Pradesh district. (byms)