Indonesian Food is Dangerously Delicious

It was not until a close attention to the trailers shown on TV, I discovered that Pak Bondan (Bondan Winarno) is now promoting a new catchphrase "Indonesian food is dangerously delicious" on his new food show "Taste of Indonesia" aired on AFC (Asian Food Channel) TV, starting November 2011.

So the big question is, is Indonesian food really dangerous, and why?

Well it is, since the risk of addiction is really high! as Pak Bondan replied himself on his Twitter account:
"Sbg warning box, krn akibatkan kecanduan" ("As a warning box, since it causes addiction").
Though Indonesian food is not everyone's dish, and still fairly less known compared to the food from its neighbouring countries, i.e.: Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, but those that has come to know about Indonesian food usually have one or two favourites -- at least.

Among the dishes foodies enjoyed the most, are Sate Ayam Madura, and Rendang Padang. While the first is an Indonesian BBQ made with skewered chicken chunks, marinated lightly in Indonesian sweet soy and peanut sauce and then grilled; the later is a "West Sumatran caramelized beef curry" to borrow the words of another Indonesian culinary expert, William Wongso. Just like Pak Bondan, Pak William can also be reached through his Twitter account.

The other obvious almost ubiquitous Indonesian dish is Gado-Gado Jakarta; Indonesian salad made with fresh vegetables, chopped tempe, tahu, potato cubes, boiled egg, and dressed heavily in a mixture of peanut sauce. For a heavier meal it usually includes lontong, i.e.: the rice cakes, and for a more succulent dressing some vendors added cashew nuts to the mixture as well.

Another favourite dish usually served in Indonesian food restaurants abroad is Nasi Campur; a dish that's very closely resembling the day to day eats in Indonesia: a steamed rice with various accompanying dishes, usually in the formula of protein + vegetables + sambal. Rendang Padang seems to be the favourite choice for protein, along with Telur Balado (Boiled egg in spicy hot seasoning). Other choices you might find are tempeh (soybean cake) and tahu (Indonesian tofu). Indonesian sambal is the national's pride; it takes so many different form and variations but that's the beauty of it: you get to taste so many varieties yet they are all dangerously delicious. The most common form of Indonesian Sambal usually consisting of red chillies, tomato, shallots, and seasoned with terasi: Indonesian shrimp paste. Be cautious though that in its natural setting, sambal are extremely, if not volcanic, hot.

As about the slogan "Indonesian food is dangerously delicious", it is strongly related with "Indonesia. Dangerously beautiful" slogan which was invented and popularized by Iwan Esjepe from "Indonesia Bertindak", in response to the travel warning issued by northern American countries and European as well some years ago.
“Several countries have issued travel warnings not to visit Indonesia. It's now your time to make a statement that Indonesia is too beautiful to be passed” wrote Iwan in his website.
So, have you find out how dangerous Indonesian Food is? Visit an Indonesian Restaurant around you and decide for yourself. (byms)


Billy S. said...

It is still hard to get over from the experience we had in dining in restaurants in Indonesia during our visit there last year. These Indonesian food are dangerously delicious indeed. I fell in love with the food there.

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