Happy Cinema, movie theatre for rent in Bali

Having spent two years living in this beautiful island, movie watching has quickly becomes a thing of our past. From once a month at least while living in Jakarta, to only two movies for three past two years living here.

The biggest problem with cinemas in Bali is that there is almost none exist: there's only one decent theatre with two screens to cater all the movie goers in Denpasar. During new movies showing, it's not rare for movie goers to wait up for days to get a ticket. On first shows, usually the only way to get ticket is by join the early queue at 10 in the morning: very impractical.

Land price is among the top challenge for new cinemas opening in Bali, which making best location is hard to afford. Not to mention there are still the common belief that locals and tourists prefer to watch art performances than box office movies.

There were rumors of both Indonesian cinema giants to expand their network here, however the sign of 'Denpasar XXI opening soon' hanging at Denpasar Junction entrance is two years old now, and there's no indication it going to be changing anytime soon.

In the midst of this unmet demand, Happy Cinema entered the scene with offering private movie screening.

Equipped with hi tech movie projector and 100" wide screen, viewers are also treated with nice sofas, and good sound systems.

At the moment Happy Cinema has only two theatres with each suitable to hosts six people However Rocky Pramatra its owner said that expansion is a possibility, seeing that he still has spaces available, and so far Happy Cinema has garnered a positive response from Denpasar's movie enthusiasts.

With the fee of 80 K IDR (around $8) per room per movie, that's less than 15 K a person. And you're not limited to showing schedules as you can simply chooses from Happy Cinema 300ish movie collection, ranging from action, drama, comedy, horror, including Asian and Indonesian movie selections. Bollywood are also going to be on the list.

Beside of the movie, Happy Cinema also provides food and drinks to accompany your movie. Based on reviewing some of their menu, Epicurina thinks both the food and drinks are quite good, and it's about on par with the same menus served in Cafes and restaurants. No popcorn at the moment but Happy Cinema are eager to hear about your suggestions and ideas.

Located in front of the New Media College, 5 minute drive from Bajra Sandhi Park, Renon, Happy Cinema aims at the youngsters, though so far have been receiving good response from family audience a well. Mothers and fathers who usually have to go through all the ordeals of arranging baby sitting or even take turns, now can happily take their toddlers, along with the baby sitters into the movie theatre.

For reservations call 0361 239 912 03, and for their latest news follow @happycinemaBali on Twitter, or visit their Facebook page.

Happy Cinema Bali is located at Jl. Tukad Batanghari No. 36, Denpasar, Bali. Opens daily from 11 to 21 (last show). (byms)
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