Authentic Balinese food at Denpasar Festival 2011

Denpasar this year will again hosts a major exhibition event continuing its past success. Denpasar Festival 2011 will be held around the center point (Km 0) of Denpasar city, which is around the Candramuka monument.

Among the festival highly interesting event is its culinary exhibition, which promised to hosts Denpasar's best traditional and authentic Balinese cuisines, including its legendary sellers. During this event, Balinese culinary enthusiasts could greatly enhance their palate portfolio by visiting the festival ground instead of traveling around Denpasar scouting for each one of individual cuisine's bests.

Denpasar Festival 2011 will be held from 28 to 31 December, and its food zone will occupies the Gajah Mada street. Please refer to the map above for zoning reference.

For further information visit their website at (byms)
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Anonymous said...

Here are some of the pictures I took from the festival :) thanks for informing.