Opening: Plaga Indonesian Cuisine in Denpasar, Bali

There's this new place opening in Sunset Road, Denpasar, Bali, which called "Plaga", and they're specializing in Indonesian food.

Judging from their facebook page, Plaga Resto Bali looks like it has a nice and cosy interior, with both dining tables and sofas which is suitable for either a dinner or a hang out; not to mention that they're also providing free WiFi.

Though situated in a ruko-like premise, it looks like it's big enough to cater for a large batch of customers.

They have an interesting choices of Indonesian food from different regions, along with some interesting choices of desserts, like the hard to find Klapertaart. And it applies Halal standard according to the owner, along with not providing beef as you can see from the menu below, which meant it's safe for both Islamic diets, as well as for general population of Denpasar who doesn't consumes beef.

You can visit Plaga Resto Bali page on Facebook for more detailed information, or visit straight to their premise at Sunset Road, between the Bali Shell Museum and the Gas station (nearby Carrefour). (byms)


Donald Manoch said...

They have a very yummy Ayam Bakar & Kepala Kakap. it's a must try restaurant

Dena Yard said...

thanks for posting.