Hanamasa is (finally) opening in Bali

One of the thing we really missed from our previous cities we lived in; Jakarta and Bandung, is the availability of decent All You Can Eat (AYCE) restaurant. Surely Bali is abundant with hotels who provides buffet breakfast/dinners, but options sometimes are quite limited, or budget wise it tends to soaring high, especially with the 21% hotel tax applied.

The option we always like is Hanamasa; a chain of restaurants specializing in providing all-day AYCE diner which specializes in Japanese food. There are two main menus available; Yakiniku, and Syabu-syabu (or Shabu-shabu, depends on how you usually pronounce it). Though the price has been steadily increasing from time to time, thankfully the quality always follows. For example, if on the beginning the buffet only includes the food, later on they adds other menus into it so customers have a better options. Latest addition I noticed back in my living in Jakarta years is the addition of Robatayaki (Japanese satay/kebab), and desserts, including Ice cream. Hence for those who loves AYCE restaurant, and especially Japanese food, there's no substitute for Hanamasa. This fact has also been proved with their years of business in Indonesia alone, which I believe has passed 20 years at the moment -- starting from the late 80's, which fit the promise implied in the name, "Hana" which mean flower, and "Masa" which meant continuous grow

And if two years ago we found out with a bit of disappointment that Bali does not have Hanamasa, yesterday afternoon I just got this surprising news that Hanamasa is opening in Bali!

Well this is against all of our previous assumption that Hanamasa will never open up any branch in Bali due to the Balinese Hindu diet that forbid eating beef, which they're make up about 95% population in this Island, making Hanamasa can only relies on the 5% of population to uphold their business, and seasonal tourists.

Well I just glad that they did, and hopes my assumption is wrong. It also anticipates very well the closing down for renovation of Aji Sai in Kuta Centra Park that has reached about 9 months now, who used to serve Japanese AYCE menu on weekends.

Hanamasa Bali opens at Jalan Drupadi, nearby Renon, Denpasar; a location choice that considered a bit odd by Bali's good food hunters, since it's not a main road. However judging from a drive by last night, they don't have a trouble finding customers.

Should you need a direction to Hanamasa Bali location, please refer to the map below:

Or view it on Google Maps by clicking this link.

As for the pricing, according to Hanamasa website, its IDR 98,500 for adults, and IDR 81,500 for children. Price applies for both Yakiniku and Syabu-Syabu menu; Tax are not included. (byms)

Hanamasa Bali
Jl. Drupadi, Renon-Denpasar
Ph. (0361) 264960


Unknown said...

yoks pak.. kita ke hanamasa rame2.. hehhe buka puasa bareng gituh, mantab pisan keknya...

bayuamus said...

Akhirnya kesampaian juga ya jeng Keket :D

bayuamus said...

Update harga BALI per-Maret 2013:

Hanamasa Makan Minum Sepuasnya :


Yakiniku Rp. 123.500,-
Syabu-syabu Rp. 123.500,-


Yakiniku Rp. 101.500,-
Syabu-syabu Rp. 101.500,-

* Harga Belum Termasuk Pajak Restaurant 10%

Sumber: website Hanamasa

Emiliana Febrina Silalahi said...

Wah tengkyu buat infonya.
Jadi ingin segera kesana :)