When a "Good Gado Gado" misleads you

A colleague of mine shares his story during our lunch last week; he's into good food though is not very fond of visiting international restaurants in Bali which specializes in international cuisine, since they tend to serve foods which tastes bland for his taste buds, thus prefer to hunt for local geniuses instead.

One day, when his brother was visiting Bali and they were cruising around Kuta, his brother says that he heard of a "good gado-gado" in Seminyak area, and asked my colleague if he would try it. Seeing where this story will go, this is where I started to chuckles...

Now first thing first; in Indonesian culinary dictionary, gado-gado is a type of salad which consisted of various cooked vegetables, tahu (tofu), boiled eggs, then chopped, and combined with sweet finely grounded peanut sauce. It usually sold on cartwheels, warungs, and are national's favourite. It's usually are cheap, hard to go wrong, thus it's a safe yet delicious choice for all day meal.

So my colleague think it's a good idea and they went both to the Seminyak area, which is nothern Kuta, looking for this "good gado-gado".

When they finally find the place, imagine their surprise upon encountering not a gado-gado warung, but this establishment called "Gado-Gado Restaurant & Bar" which sat by the beach. Still in confusion, but thinking they're there anyway and the sign clearly says "Gado-Gado" so they entered the place.

Only after scouting through the menu they realizes this is not what they're expecting for, since instead of serving good gado-gado, this Gado-Gado restaurant in Seminyak is a fine dining restaurant; a famous one nonetheless hence his brother wasn't completely wrong when he heard that there's a "good gado-gado" in Seminyak.

Needless to say, after enjoying quote "a quite good meal, but with a just decent portion" there, as normally a fine dining restaurant would do, both my colleague and his brother still feels hungry, thus have to visits another eatery (this time a real warung), to satisfy their needs. (byms)

Image from http://www.theislandkey.com