Reclaiming Rendang; Has Indonesia Really Lost it?

Rendang is a dish made from beef (or other meats) which slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices. The taste is curry like, pungent, with beautiful coconut fragrant, and a load of hotness from the chillies. A good rendang usually has darkish brown coloring with a greasy grainy rendang paste.

Rendang is also considered as one of the national food of Indonesia, though lately Mr. President chose to promote Nasi Goreng Indonesia instead at the World Expo Shanghai China 2010 (WESC 2010) which held at Shanghai, China, from May 1st - Oktober 31st 2010; perhaps due to the more simpler preparation required by Nasi Goreng Indonesia. 

Indonesian culinary experts on the other hand, unanimously choose rendang as one of the signature dish of Indonesia.

However, even though Wikipedia clearly states that Rendang is a dish originated from Indonesia, and there's no doubt in Indonesian mind that rendang is their national cuisine, a recent Google search shown an interesting fact that the most prominent promoters of Rendang are not Indonesian, but Malaysian.