Chocodot - Dodol Garut filled Chocolate

As I was browsing around for another good food in Garut, I came upon information from mryumi that there is now a modernized variant of Dodol Garut, with the name of "Chocodot"; a dodol filled chocolate! This is a fresh breath from the legendary but stagnant classic Dodol Garut that has been around since the middle of 20th century or perhaps even more older.

Dodol Garut is a sweet snack variety from Garut region, Jawa Barat. There are many varieties of dodol, but Dodol Garut is specifically made from sticky rice flour and palm sugar, cooked over slow fire over long time to create the chewy chunky consistency. The ready to eat dodol is solid, soft on the inside but having a smooth wax like surface. Originally, there are only three variants of Dodol Garut known to mankind; the original (dark brown), the milky (light brown), and the sesame seed infused (dotted). Though there are about 85 producers of Dodol Garut, the two most famous brand is Khadijah, and Sarinah; the first is considered the originator of this product, but the latter is the market leader with their brand "Picnic" that produces about 1 ton of dodol daily.

As I haven't tried the Chocodot myself, so the food note must be postponed until I visit my parents in Garut later this May 2010. In the mean time, here's a link to their blog: where you can get a glimpse of Chocodot product range, and the picture of Tama Coklat's owner, Chocodot producer. (bay)


PFx said...

wih asik! clasikal indo meet up with the international

kangbayu said...

I hope more creations will emerge from this kind of creativity