the Beach House

Cuisine: International
Location:Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali
Great escape to Echo Beach; it was rainy Sunday all over! Pass through Kerobokan, and Canggu, Echo Beach at the last. First view on the ocean.. Surfers that looked like cold sardines in a big icy bowl, sprinkle wink, waiting turn for big waves, in humming voice they said “pick me.. pick me..” Their eyes so red, I love their guts..

Run and sitting in the Beach House for shelter, We never expected much, but bartenders and waiters are most genuine server so far, khika tried the frozen Margarita 40k, not really wise for this weather, and decided to join me for another Mojito 40k (they offered compliment for the margarita, since its never been “big” sipped) Thanks!

After a breeze the rain was gone, fire been light up, I took a walk and deeply inhaled fresh ocean bouquet, in far, a group of smile and proud people preparing a buffet. I dare to take pictures, they do wide choices, real fresh, and entertaining, asked them to grill a kilo of Clam 40k, and for appetite I took a plate of free Couscous, Coleslaw, Tomato-Pesto, also Potatoes Salad. This is when its start, Unbelievably Great! All right in mixed and originality..

Then the grilled Clam ready on my plate, I admitted of freshness, neither much watery nor dry, It done in Jimbaran style, with most shell black on both side, but medium-rare inside, looks white and shinny, marinated in blended tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, light vegetable oil, than finish by a lime. A bit flush down with mineral water after, my hint is don’t take any sweet dessert after fresh grilled seafood, since I like the scent of “light smoky ocean” stay in my palate..

Review, In terms of Furniture, Fixture, Decorative things, Table Set-up, Chinaware, Cutleries, Glassware, Sequences of Services, etc, miss-lead us to judged and put this restaurant in low-mid box .. but honest Sunday, need these in list; nice sunset view, warm friendly service, original ingredients cocktail, real fresh seafood, right grilling method, definitely reasonable price, and a plus is a clean toilet.. They have all.

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