Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach Bali, Jamie Oliver's debut in Indonesia

If you've been an avid food channel watcher like I do, I'm sure Jamie Oliver is no stranger. Beside TV shows and cookbooks, Jamie also went on to create several restaurant lines, which includes Jamie's Italian. showcases authentic Italian cooking, combined with Jamie's modern approach and unique twist.

While Jamie's already gained quite a hype in Singapore, in a surprising move, turned out that Jamie's Italian next target is Bali, Indonesia, joining the crowds of fine restaurants created by international chefs, which some already calling Bali their second home.

Existing in more than a dozen countries now, Jamie's Italian Kuta Beach mark their entry to Indonesian market, and Epicurina was so excited to be invited as a food blogger on their media lunch and sample what Jamie's have to offer their Bali audience.


Now let's dive straight into the goodies!

For an extravagant entry, you might want to choose The Cured Meats Plank (145K/person), which consisting of Prosciutto di Parma, fennel & garlic salami, mortadella & bresaola. Served with bocconcini, pecorino & chilli jam, pickles, whole olive and crunchy salad. For a non-pork option they also have a cured wagyu beef slices.

Another good option at Jamie's is their fresh pasta made each morning on the premise. It's cooked in just about 40 seconds, and as the result you get strains of yummy buttery pasta with noticeable mix of coarse and fine grained flour, beautiful texture.

While we ordered several type of pasta, the most noticeable one is the Octopus and Mussel Spaghetti (195K) using black thin spaghetti, bathed in chilli, capers, and white wine sauce. It leans toward peppery spicy and savory with noticeable level of sweetness.

Another obvious option from the meat selections is Jamie's 30-day Matured Prime Sirloin (345K), chargrilled then served with the earthy pungent wild mushrooms. The maturing process adds intensity to the flavour, though it was quite mild, and not as strong as I thought it will be, based on my past encounters with dry aged beef.

The winner of the mains section though, would be this Lamb Chop Lollipops (280K). Consisting of four slabs of chops, it's served on top of mashed creamy artichoke, then dressed with mint sauce, roasted peanuts, and chillies. It has a nice chunky texture and combination of flavours that goes well: meaty, minty, earthy, with a hint of tartness. Definitely my favourite from the meat section.

Menu in Jamie are comprising of fresh produce sourced with meticulous attention to its quality. Our host informed that it took more than two months of inspecting suppliers in and out of Bali's rural areas and throughout Indonesia. Some ingredients though, like the red meats are still sourced from abroad for lack of local alternative.

When you're done with the mains, don't forget to take a trip into Jamie's dessert heaven! Pictured below are Lemon Meringue Cheesecake (115K), and behind that is Creamy Panna Cotta (95K), Raspberry & Chocolate Rippled Pavlova (95K). Simply says they're all good, and would be perfect for your sweet tooth.


Sits in a very strategic location at Jalan Pantai, Kuta, Jamie's occupy what used to be where Starbucks was, right across Wendy's. Parking space though very limited, is available immediately next to the venue, in front of the ATMs. Alternatively you will have to park a bit further in Kuta Square, or by the beach.

If you're looking for a more festive atmosphere, and hanging out in a small party, both outdoor and ground floor seating are perfect choices. The seating upstairs on the other hand, provide a comfier and more comfortable atmosphere, away from Bali's heat.

Just a little bit about Jamie Oliver

The smiley chef from UK made his TV debut with "The Naked Chef" series produced by BBC, where Jamie took a casual approach to cooking, relating them to day to day events us men usually encounters. The show appeals to both women, and men, who thanks to Jamie sees cooking as something doable, and man enough.

And no Jamie didn't host his cooking show naked, the show's title was due because Jamie's style of cooking is by using simple, fresh ingredients, "naked" of pretense and heavy sauces and such. "It's basically stripping back to the bare essentials," as he says in the book of the same name (1). (byms)

Marked photos are from Epicurina personal collection, while non-marked ones are from Jamie's Italian collection.

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