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Known as one of the favourite travel destination in the world, Bali attracts holiday makers from all over the world. Among all the international travellers, Aussies top the list, followed by Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, and Singaporean.

With the more affordable airfares and good exchange rate, Bali has even becoming more attractive in the recent years. Bali was even listed in the top 50 countries Americans visited in 2014, according to record.

While Bali is usually synonymous with Kuta Beach, in reality different regions attracts different crowds. Kuta tend to be flocked by the party-goers, which also includes, to mimic our neighbour's term, Schoolies, and Bogans. Seminyak and further north like Petitenget and Kerobokan tend to attract more mature audience as there are more elegant restaurants and beach club presents. Ubud is known as the Yoga capital of Indonesia, and the holy ground of Eat Pray Love's pilgrimage.

Sanur which was the first tourism area in Bali, is famous among families and elders for its serene atmosphere matched by the plenty options of a good eats and shops. Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, and Jimbaran on the other hand, are well known for their luxurious high end resorts, including their beautiful wedding chapels. Back in 2012 CNN even nominated one of the hotel in this area as the best wedding venue in the world. Many of Indonesian celebrities, and international names as well, declared their wedding vow in one of those resorts.

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