Dwiki Dharmawan Passion, Love, Life Tour Indonesia 2015 at Taman Bhagawan

A while ago Epicurina received a media invitation to attend the Passion, Love, Life concert at Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. While I'm no big fan of Jazz, my wife is, and it's been a while since she saw a good life Jazz concert so I think it will be worth our time to visit the concert. 

After all I considers Krakatau as one of the biggest music achievement of Indonesia hence it's a pleasure to watch Dwiki Dharmawan live on stage.

On that evening Taman Bhagawan was dressed up nicely with colorful banners, and there were some seating and pillows under the stars. Speaking of experience, they've been organizing one of the biggest Jazz event in Bali: Jazz Market by The Beach, which get a quite good response. 

Speaking of the weather however, it's been raining all morning and while it stopped for a while before the event, the sky was still dark and there were some heavy clouds. Thanks God outside of some very light drizzle the concert was safe, no rain.

As with the previous events took place in Taman Bhagawan Bali, the food was sold by several carts, and they offers a quite diverse selections, from gorengan (10K/4 pcs), Sate Madura (25K/10 pcs), Grilled Chicken (30K), up to the delicious looking Beef Steak (80K). Drinks are available starting from Aqua 600ml (10K) and there were some free samples of alcoholic beverages.

Thank you Taman Bhagawan Bali for the invitation, and please enjoy some of the moments captured below. (byms)

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