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I discovered Kukusan Steamed Buns from browsing around Instagram. In their account, they're showing what looks like a Shoarma bread, but made with what looks like a Mantou (Chinese steamed bun) and with more interesting looking fillings. Kukusan quickly catches my attention.

That's why the earliest day me and Hypnoticade had a free time, we headed down to Sunset Rd. where this new eatery is located. About across the Sunset Point where Burger King are, three to four shops after the intersection, we found Kukusan. Since the palce itself has rather narrow shop front, there's only enough space for two cars, and some motorbikes. There are more spaces when the stores next door closed, just like when we're there.

There were some people at the moment but most of the place were empty. It was quite steaming hot as well inside, and I can only imagine how hot it was in the kitchen. The staff behind the counter later informed us that it is just their third day opening trial, hence there's still a lot needs to be done, including the air conditioning.

Glancing at the menu displayed on the chalkboard, I consulted the staff on what options available, and what their recommendation are.

While Hypnoticade choose the Tempura of Oyster Mushroom, my eyes were fixed on Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Buns for two reason: good Middle Eastern food is a rarity in Bali, and it's been a while since I had a good Middle Eastern meal.

Banana Cinnamon, Mango Passion, and Citrus Gang

For the refreshments we chooses Banana Cinnamon for the little kid, Mango Passion for Hypnoticade, and I was interested to try their Citrus Gang.

While the Banana Cinnamon and Mango Passion came in the cute Mason Jar, Citrus Gang surprisingly appeared in a retro Rantang, a tiffin tin.

With the Citrus Gang, it's love at first sip! It has the refreshing citrus flavour made with three different kind of fruit: orange, lemon, and lime. Not only the juices it incorporates the skins too, making it sort of marmalade drinks.

The Mango Passion was fresh and sweet, it uses an almost ripe mango combined with the fragrant Passion fruit which makes it an aromatic juice. The Banana Cinnamon has a creamy and rustic taste, which resulted in a quite exotic flavour.

Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb and Oyster Mushroom Tempura

Both of our orders came in a single wooden serving plate, accompanied with the eating utensils in a tin bucket, which most we didn't use, only the fork to pick the salad.

My Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb bun provided a good punch of Arabic flavour, just like eating a fluffy Shoarma with the succulent roasted lamb, it was good! The Tempura of Oyster Mushroom itself provided a good combination of crunchiness with the mushroom's earthiness, and the creamy mayonnaise. They're both served with tangy rare mango salad, which turned out to be a lovely combo!

Rare mango salad with bean sprouts, tomatoes, mint and cilantro, fresh!

Spicy Beef Rendang bun, and Red Curried Duck

For the second round we ordered Spicy Beef Rendang bun, and Red Curried Duck. The Rendang hit the spot, and the slight modification of adding peanuts and fried shallot is greatly welcomed.

The Red Curried Duck itself tasted almost mature, pungent and slightly cheese like, but I liked it for its strong flavour.


After sampling out those varieties, if I have to choose only one combo I'd go for their Spicy Beef Rendang and Citrus Gang.

As it was their try-out day, so there was no price list yet, and we're quite surprised to find out that our food was also cost zero, in return for comments. Which we happily gave. (byms)

Note: Photos are taken using Samsung Galaxy Grand. 

Kukusan Steamed Buns

Sunset Road No. 1, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia.
+(62) 8786 0411 555

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