Between Farah Quinn and Air Asia Cafe's Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser

While it's not my habit to order food on airplane, however after repeatedly seen Air Asia Café promo, inviting passengers to satisfy their hunger for, eh, with the sexy chef Farah Quinn, I was curious to find out myself whether the food is really good? Or it was just another hype? Would chef Farah Quinn suddenly popped up from the plane's pantry to explain the dish?

And so, on our trip to Bandung for a quick getaway with Air Asia, I finally got a chance to try it out and ordered... Nasi Lemak.

Here's the stylized photo of the packaging.

As to why I ended up with Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser, instead of Farah Quinn's Nasi Minyak Palembang, there's two version of the story: first, since the idea is to compare, I have to choose something I already familiar with. As I haven't tried Nasi Minyak Palembang before, so the choice went to Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser.

The alternate version are involving my wife @hypnoticade craving for Nasi Uduk hence the choice. While I'd like to think it's the first, but for you who's married I'm sure you know how your wife tend to govern most of your choices.

For you who's still young and alone though, I'd recommend you watch Rio 2 and remember the mantra deep in your heart: "Happy wife, happy life."

Here's what you get inside

The portion turned out to be not bad at all, it's a proper meal with proper amount of side dishes, and the size that's enough to make one happy tummy. Despite study shows that one's taste bud tend to lose its sensitivity the higher in the air you get, the Nasi Lemak still tasted fine. Not something to die for but it's a decent meal.

Beside you can't beat the view.

For the drink I ordered Coke Zero as they don't have Tonic Water or plain soda. Sparkling water pairs well to fatty and creamy dishes.

Would I give another try? Well for sure yes! Given that the price itself is still comparable to the hip cafes on the ground. Plus you can't beat the view! (byms)

p.s.: If you're landing in Bali during day time, don't forget to book a seat on the right-side window, as you might catch a glimpse of Bali's newest landmark, the Bali Mandara Tollroad. Stretching above the Benoa Bay, this is the longest tollroad in Indonesia that stands over water, and the fastest one built as well, thanks to the absence of land freeing issue.