A fancy restaurant that feels like a budget airways

One afternoon in a restaurant with very nice outdoor environment. 

"Excuse me Mas, can I have this hot tea thickened? It looked very watery" 
said my wife, immediately after noticing the light coloured sweet tea served.

"Um... Sorry we can't, that's the standard of our tea" 
replied the waiter.

"Oh... okay then" 
replied my wife not feeling satisfied.

(Btw after tasting it she found out that the tea tasted fine though despite the initial unpromising look.) 

Some while later...

"Excuse me, can I have more of the Sate sauce please?" 
I followed my wife's initiative immediately upon seeing that the Sate Ayam on my Nasi Goreng Ayam looks quite dry.

"Oh... Sorry we can't, we have a standard amount of Sate sauce" 
replied the waiter again.

"Yes but the matter is, as you can see from your menu's food shot, the Sate has more sauce in it" 
I restated my case.

"Ow... hold on, let me check with the chef" 
replied the surprised waiter, who might think that my request is so inappropriate and rude.

A minute later he arrived, and serving the extra Sate sauce; to my wife.

And lastly...

"Hi there, could you bag these leftovers to take home?" 
I asked the waiter about the only half-eaten dishes we ordered.

"Yes sure pak, but I have to inform you that there's a Rp. 5,000 extra charge for the packaging." Inform the waiter

"Well... okay" 
I answered, shrugging my shoulders; 5K won't make me broke. 

The packed leftovers later came with a carton box; nicely printed and so, but it's practically a cartoon box with no real functional benefit or value; something available in other restaurants for free.


While the place is nice, the food is good, this "it's a standard" thing they practising really disrupts our eating experience. Suddenly it's no longer feel exclusive (beside of the price), and made my wife declared she doesn't want to return here for another special night out. "Well lunches are fine, and if someone invited us" she re-clarified.

As of myself, with this kind of service strictness (and price) we felt better accommodated in Bakmie GM, where I can order extra bowls of their rich and delicious hot chicken broth for free, ask for extra sweet and sour sauce when I feel like having one, where the staffs looks like working to satisfy my need instead of constantly reminding me of their strict (lame) standards.

It's the same reason why I avoid using "cheap" flights but/that charges extra for everything outside the ticket, even on things mundane like seat reservation. (byms)


Debbzie Leksono said...

reveal the name, pleaseeee. Hahahaha :p