Mie Aceh Lobster from Mie Aceh Mangat Jakarta

When I posted the image below on my Facebook some while ago, many got curious about this beastie dish; Mie Aceh Lobster. However I wasn't able to provide detailed information up until now.

The truth is I haven't had a chance to try the dish out myself; it was a sneak-peek photo provided by the shop's owner who I happen to met by happenchance. He's opening this new Mie Aceh shop in Southern Jakarta, "Mie Aceh Mangat" as one of the promise he made to himself; long amazing story behind, and I respect his fighting spirit.

While he invited me to the grand opening last weekend, my schedule in Jakarta was a bit tight so we ended up juggling with our own priorities. Nevertheless, here's the other thing he managed to sent me last week: the complete menu list.

To be precise, Mie Aceh Mangat is located in Jl. Bangka Raya No.30, Kemang district, Southern Jakarta. As with the opening hour, I feel it's quite odd but perhaps caters very well to the Jakarta's workers: 4 pm until 3 am!

If you happen to be in Kemang area during their business hour, don't be shy and give it a try ;-) (byms)


Unknown said...

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