Cooking for your kids, analogy of cooking for raising your children

Building your live is like cooking a dish; there are three factors that would determine its success: the quality of the ingredients, the recipe, and the cooking skill.

Quality of ingredients translated as building blocks of your life; meaning how well you're able to create/source for quality traits, e.g: character, intelligence, leadership, faith, perseverance, courage, ethics, logic, etc. things that everyone should have no matter what professions they choose.

Recipe translated as choices; just like to achieve a good cooking one can use to apply different kind of recipes, spices, cooking technique; there's a million way to achieve success! You can be a doctor, a nurse, a botanist, a fighter pilot, a designer, etc. where each requires different set of skills -- but they all still depends on the quality ingredients. You can not simply creates good cooking based on recipe alone!

Cooking skill translated as experience; meaning no matter what kind of recipe you choose, how good the ingredients you have, you will still need a lot of exercises to make it works the way it should. That's why while someone might be considered gifted, uber creative, very smart when they're young, they will not attain success without regular exercise of those traits.

A good parents therefore, is not the one who cooks for their kids all the time, but those that help their kids to develop good ingredients, understands the different kind of recipe that's out there in the world, trains them in whatever kind of recipe they have under their sleeves, then later let their kids to choose their own cooking style.

A good parents' goal therefore is to prepare their kids to develop their own unique recipe; and becomes really good in cooking it. (byms)


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