Affordable Wagyu Steak at Eatwell Seminyak

Sets in the busy Seminyak street EatWell offers a carnivorean delight to satisfy the beast inside us;  just a walking distance away from the Vegetarian heaven Zula.

I came visited this place some while back, lured by my fellow foodies' story about how steak in this place is good, while bloody cheap as well. That's why on one sunny afternoon, right after our kid's Electone lesson was over, @hypnoticade and me drove straight to Eat Well in Seminyak, ignoring the urge to visit the nearby Nasi Kapau instead.

However, as with any other businesses located in Seminyak street, finding a parking spot is a big challenge, especially if you're driving a car, even the small city car like mine. After driving up and down the street several times for an empty slot, we finally decided to park in front of an abandoned shop just a few meters away from Eat Well; the only spot available since all of the other spaces in front of the shops has "no parking except for guests" signs.

What initially looks like a hole in the wall expands into a green cozy alcove once you steps in. While the place is still actually small, but the plants and everything makes Eat Well looks friendly and homey.

Inside they have an aircon installed, which no matter how under-powered it is, still offers a cooler spot compared with the outdoor seating. There are some meat stored behind the glass display, and you can watch practically everything happening in the kitchen as it occupies most of the shop interior.

After scouting the simple menu, we decided to choose Bruschetta for an appetizer, Cream soup for the kid, and the house signature's Eat Well Steak which consisted of a 200 grams Wagyu at a mere 85K IDR!

I ordered the steak medium well, and since Eat Well offers only two options: salt & pepper or BBQ sauce, I opt for the last for a merrier flavor; as well as a "safety net" should the steak went wrong.

What I'm convinced about the steak is that it's the heartiest I found under 100K, though on its quality I have a bit reservation: it didn't taste as robust as most of the steaks I've ever tasted, on contrary to what I assume a Wagyu steak would taste like; and unlucky for us the part served was those with high amount of fat including those inedible connective tissues.

It does though, have a quite tender body, oozing juices, and minus those funny gamy flavor that accompanies regular beef, making @hypnoticade find it acceptable. Since she's the picky eater in our Epicurina family therefore it's an achievement worth celebrating: finally another steak place in Bali she approved!

Would I go back? I'd surely give them a second, or even third chance to see if the eating experience improves. Especially since I know those foodies referring Eatwell all have a good taste.

If I may suggest though, Eatwell should provide more seasoning options; while salt & pepper and BBQ is a classic, they're too limiting. For a personal taste preference I found myself enjoying steaks with mustard or horseradish, but something more common like black pepper or brown sauce are a good alternative as well, and it provides a good safety net. (byms)

Jl. Raya Basangkasa no. 36, Seminyak, Bali 80361 | T: 0361 737 745


The Yum List said...

I'm immediately attracted by all of that greenery at the entrance. I quite like the rustic presentation of food too on wooden chopping boards.

Unknown said...

Just a few steps away from my work place. Recommended or not?

bayuamus said...

Yes the usage of wooden chopping boards is something isn't it? Btw how did you come to know about the place? Have you heard about them before?

bayuamus said...

It's a must try De; and if you love meat dishes there's a big chance you'll become their regular patron :)

shizuoka said...

my to go restaurant when craving for steak!