Churros La Fonda, Kuta Beach Walk, Bali

Finally I got a chance to check out what Churros La Fonda is all about. With virtually all the Balinese celebrating Galungan, including the travel guides so most of tourist activities will be reduced too, we figured yesterday that it would be the best time to visit Kuta, and so we did.

No thanks to the puzzling layout of Kuta's Beach Walk though, it requires some time to find out where everything is. How about some decent floor map Beach Walk?

For you who's curious, Churros La Fonda located on the 3rd floor near the Western escalator shaft, with a view facing Kuta Beach. And no, don't try to look for a stall because Churros La Fonda have an outlet from the back of... a Bajay!

Needless to say the stall itself attracts quite an attention from the people passing by, which ends up in them wanting to try the churros.

Another fun part of the shopping experience is that people are able to watch how their curros comes into form, because it's made fresh from the dough machine, into the electric fryer underneath.

After it's cooked, the curly brown sticks are then bathed in either one of the two kind of sugars; regular cane sugar, or cinnamon infused.

Another option at Churros La Fonda, is to order a cup of melted chocolate and dip your churros into it.

We found our churros more enjoyable with only cinnamon sugar though; as the chocolate tend to be overpowering, and it's unlike a melted chocolate butter, but more like a thick chocolate drink.

Doesn't it looks good? Well it tasted good too; the skin of churros is crumbly crispy with the good biscuit like texture, but inside it's still moist and soft, and warm, lovely. The cinnamon sugar itself gives churros a good vintage taste.

Churros are sold in tens, at Rp. 1,000 a piece. Ten pieces of it (as pictured above) satisfies one, but just enough for two to shares. The chocolate dip are sold in three sized cups starting at Rp. 15,000.

An issue we recognized during our visit yesterday, is the waiting period. As it's freshly fried for every orders, and the churros need a resting time to cool down afterward, waiting time could take a while. This condition has resulted in some customers canceled their request for they're couldn't wait. It happens usually with those looking like tourists from out of town, and they're already in the midway of going somewhere else.

And while the view is breath taking even at the dull mid-day, it's too hot to do anything out there fully clothed far from the waters. Therefore there should be more chairs for those willing to wait, indoor out of the heat.

Issues aside, from what we experienced though, the warm churros are worth the wait. (byms)

Churros La Fonda

Beachwalk Mall 3rd floor, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Bali 80361
P: 0878-6147-4548


elvina febriani said...

The price is very reasonable! The churros in Jakarta are all so pricey!

Unknown said...

Perhaps they're imported straight from Spain; or Brazil :)

Unknown said...

Amazing food pictures! Awesome! Nice blog too. You should have post more review.

Emiliana Febrina Silalahi said...

aaww looks nyummy!! wait your new post

Unknown said...

Thank you! I'll try to post more regularly :)